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My name is Toni Fernández, and I am a lifestyle photographer.

A little over two decades ago, I came into this restless world that gives us the opportunity to create and live, to dream of beautiful moments. I have been fortunate to grow up in a healthy environment surrounded by truth. Is there anything more important than capturing moments in photographs? The truth of white walls, humble people, aspirations, and heartfelt goals has awakened in me an emotion to capture life in its most significant moments.

A camera has always been a companion to my greatest dreams. I had the opportunity to learn from great professionals and meet wonderful colleagues, but above all, to know that my place was behind a camera.

From a very young age, I study, learn, and feel photography as something of my own, and yes, inevitably, also something of yours. Even though I am still in my twenties, my passion and dedication to the camera and its secrets allow me to speak to you today from experience and knowledge. Learning is living, and I do it constantly.

My work is a reflection of all this and of you. Our truth will allow us to enjoy magical moments forever. When you look at my photographs, you will feel their light, the naturalness, the beauty of the ephemeral, and the immeasurable value of spontaneity.

My energy, my enthusiasm to bring out the best in me will make you relive your wedding day over and over, feeling the joy of making the right decision. You will know that your excitement is mine, and we will adapt the work to the circumstances.

I invite you to visit me, to feel the magic, and to let yourself be carried away by the pleasure of capturing the fleeting in your memory.

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